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Simon Barakat architects was founded in 2003, it  is a design production facility for developers, architects, planners and designers providing the necessary resources to support the successful development of design projects. Based in Beirut, Lebanon the company along with its partners in Lebanon and UAE has developed high quality projects and missions.


Our team uses the latest technologies in assisting the production of various scale projects, from early planning phase to construction supervision.The main drive of the practice is design excellence and precision taking into consideration management of cost and time efficiency, achieved through close collaboration with clients and specialists - from structural and environmental engineers to cost consultants.


Simon Barakat holds a degree in Architecture from the Académie Libanaises des Beaux Arts (A.L.B.A.) with the Highest Distinction of the Class of 1995.  Simon was awarded the First prize of the Samir Mokbel Academy Award and the First prize of the Order of Engineers and Architects of Beirut Award.


He headed the architectural design departments in URBI- Beirut, Etan Consult in UAE , co-founded In2Info sarl. a web design outfit and established the website development department of Memac Ogilvy in Jeddah.

Simon is also co-founder of Automotive Franchising sal the master Franchisee of Ziebart international corporation in Lebanon and Jordan, Entotox Public health sarl for Pest control, and B-offshore the master franchisee of entotox in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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